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Wild Animal Control in Newport News, VA

For an animal removal service in Newport News, VA, customers rely on Cornwells Wildlife Control. Our professional staff members have experience with animals of all types. Confronting a wild animal can be dangerous. We'll leverage our familiarity with animal behavior to get them out of your hair with no hassle.

When animals become panicked, they often lash out at the nearest person or animal in the vicinity. We can calm animals down and direct them to the best possible location for extraction. We've dealt with many species, and our customers have called us for help with:

  • Bird control
  • General animal control
  • Raccoon control
  • Squirrel control

Cornwells Wildlife Control knows animals and can respond to requests anywhere in the Peninsula. We are open Monday - Friday, 7am - 4pm, and weekend appointments are available. Call us today to speak with a representative who can dispatch a team out to your location for high quality-animal removal services.


Attic fan fire hazard

Squirrel attempting to earn her fire building merit badge built this nest in a rooftop power ventilator (aka, attic fan). We removed the nest, juveniles, and damaged screening. Then went on the roof to install a Roof Vent Guard to prevent future nesting problems. Note, attic fans are a common attic entry point for raccoons, squirrels, and bats.