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Wild Animal Trapping Service in Newport News, VA

Spotting animals in the wild can give people a sense of wonder, but once they make their way into living spaces and yards, removing them can prove difficult. Cornwells Wildlife Control offers a safe and ethical wild animal trapping service in Newport News, VA. We use acknowledged techniques to get wild animals back where they belong.

Dealing with wildlife requires a specific set of skills, and we have spent a long time developing the requisite know-how. Our staff has the tools necessary for dealing with different animals. We've been recognized by a number of organizations, including:

  • The Nation Wildlife Control Operators Association
  • The National Pest Management Association
  • The Virginia Wildlife Damage Management Association

If you have an issue with an animal that has come too close for comfort, don't take matters into your own hands. Turn to Cornwells Wildlife Control for a high-quality animal trapping service that will treat you and the animal in question with care and compassion. Call us to deal with errant animals anywhere in the Peninsula area.


Attic fan fire hazard

Squirrel attempting to earn her fire building merit badge built this nest in a rooftop power ventilator (aka, attic fan). We removed the nest, juveniles, and damaged screening. Then went on the roof to install a Roof Vent Guard to prevent future nesting problems. Note, attic fans are a common attic entry point for raccoons, squirrels, and bats.