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Greater Norfolk, VA


Wildlife Control in Newport News, VA

Cornwells Wildlife Control company resolves wildlife problems on the Virginia Peninsula, from the Hampton to Williamsburg and all cities in between.

When it comes to wildlife problems, Cornwells Wildlife Control’s professional staff has your solution. We focus exclusively on wild animals that are causing problems in all cities on the peninsula, including Hampton, Yorktown, Newport News and Williamsburg.

We do more than just catch and remove wildlife; we also implement an Integrated Wildlife Management philosophy, which identifies potential entry points on your home and provide solutions, so your home is secure from more wildlife problems for years to come. Our most popular services include:

  • General wildlife control, animal trapping and removal
  • Rodent control and structural rodent proofing (gray squirrels, flying squirrels, and rats)
  • Bat proofing and bat removal, guano cleanouts
  • Attic cleanouts and reinsulating (animal damage remediation and repairs)

Cornwells Wildlife Control has the best trained and most experienced wildlife control team in Hampton Roads, with national certifications and awards for excellence. That means your wildlife problem will be will be handled right the first time and that’s the best value for you. Call us now so we can assess your situation and get wildlife control professionals on the job as soon as possible. We accept clients from all over the Peninsula and will travel well outside our normal service area for bat, rat and bird control projects.

NOTE: We do not handle dogs and cats. Call your municipal Animal Control Services for domestic animal issues.


Attic fan fire hazard

Squirrel attempting to earn her fire building merit badge built this nest in a rooftop power ventilator (aka, attic fan). We removed the nest, juveniles, and damaged screening. Then went on the roof to install a Roof Vent Guard to prevent future nesting problems. Note, attic fans are a common attic entry point for raccoons, squirrels, and bats.